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You have found the safest and easiest way to PERMANENTLY unlock you iPhone! In 4 easy steps you can Factory Unlock your iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, or 4S with an Apple Authorized iPhone unlock via iTunes. Keep your warranty and your iPhone intact when you use our service. Unlocking over 50+ iPhone networks and counting. Find out if your network is available when you click the buy button. Unbeatable service and selection!

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iPhone Network Locator/Carrier Finder Service


Planning on purchasing or have you already purchased an iPhone from an online vendor, eBay, flea market, or friend? To factory unlock an iPhone you need to know the Network Carrier the device was originally locked to. If you do not know which Cellular Operator your iPhone is locked to we can give you the correct network to submit with your unlocking order. Here you can enter your IMEI in the checkout form and in a few minutes to hours you will get a response with the details for your iPhone: Network Carrier, Model, serial number, warranty period, etc. If the iPhone was never activated it can take up to 7 days to complete the order.

Even better, before you buy a used iPhone make sure that it is still in warranty and locked to the network that the seller claims. If the device is blacklisted somewhere you might be purchasing an expensive electronic paper weight, or a device that might soon become a paperweight shortly after your purchase. With this service you can make sure you are purchasing or have purchased a legally owned device and keep yourself out of trouble from receiving stolen property*.

If you need to check the unlock status of your phone or find out if it is blacklisted or barred anywhere on the globe you need to select the "Blacklist Check" option after you click the buy button.





* In some countries you may be arrested or the device may be confiscated. (IMEIs are broadcasted from the device to the cell tower, more and more customs departments are installing "micro-towers" to track users by IMEI during and after entry into the respective port. You do not want to be flagged with stolen property and at best delay your arrival or departure with customs police inquiries. Keeping up with rapidly changing laws in multiple jurisdictions is nearly impossible. Have the peace of mind that you did the due diligence during your iPhone purchase and protected yourself legally from claims of "possession of or receiving stolen goods")


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